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woodcutter and horse

There are many names that we get called:

The Original Creed, a Rare Breed, The Men of Forests and of Woods – but not of greed.


From the forests of ancient Lithuania, through Taiga of Siberia, through Giant Redwood forests of North-West – to the land of Britain – where we practice what is best.


From Generation – to Generation.

From Century – to Century,

our values have been passed. 

When the teacher of the boy becomes his grandfather, when he in turn had same from his – then string of Love does not get broken, no matter years that past beneath...


Since the days when Axe became The Tool of Man – to work and live, and earn respect.

We are keeping story all the same – and this is what we're known as by the rest...



Forestry & Arboriculture Professionals

People who Work by The Axe - and Live by The Axe.

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old black and white picture
The Axe Brothers in a forest
Home: About
group posing with trees
workers posing for a photo_edited_edited
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workers stood around a large tree trunk_
workers and horses stood in fields
workers loading logs onto a lorry_edited
worker cutting down tree
logs on a track_edited.jpg
Workers in snow with large logs_edited.j
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